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Thursday, 17 November 2011

How to Install Eclipse And Android SDK

To Install the Eclipse And Android SDK you have to install the JDK[Java Development Kit]. You can download and install in normal ways. 

Video Tutorial is also included:-

  • Download the Eclipse And Android SDK file into any hard disk drives.
  • Both file would be RAR format so you have to extract it at that location
  • I hope you have extracted. Open android-eclipes folder
  • Open eclipse.exe file
  • It will open one dialog box with “Wordspace Launcher”. These Workspace Launcher give information regarding the work are saved at given location.[As shown below]

  • Click On “Ok” Button
  • Eclipse will be open now….
  • Now You have to Install the Android SDK.
  • Goto “Window” Option ->> Click On “Preference”[Show Below]
  • Click Over the Android Option In Preference Window.
  • There would be SDK Location Textbox. In that you have to give the location of android sdk folder. Suppose I have android SDK folder in E: drive then I will give the location “E:/android-sdk”.
  • Click on Apply And OK Button. 
 That’s all you have completed all installation related to the Android SDK And Eclipse.You need to create the Android Virtual Device[AVD] for runing the application. It is also called as Android Emulator which occurred as the mobile run time application. 

Step to Create the AVD
  •  Open Eclipse
  • Go to Window Option and Click on Android SDK And AVD Manager[It will open the window]
  •  Click on New
  • Give Name that you want to give for your AVD. Ex.: Software or Android
  • Target-> Android 2.0.1—API Level 6
  • And click On Create AVD 

Android Virual Device is Created now. If you want to start then you have to Click on Device Name and Goto “Start”. It will looks like these[ Shown Below]

Further I will give you information on How to Create Hello World Application.


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

What you Need To Know To Become Android Developer?

If you want to become a good android developer then you need to know some programming languages. In these Android you will need to know Core Java. Core JAVA has built with Great OOP [Object Oriented Programming] which includes Class, Object, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation and many other concepts. You can checkout over the Google Search engine.
From Me You can able to become Android Developer if you are not degree man or not having education background. It just need to know Core JAVA programming language. To Become Android Developer is too easy.

 What Software You Need?
Following Are the Software And Tool You need To Download:

  1. JDK[JAVA DEVELOPMENT TOOL]------Click Here To Download
  2. Eclipse [Galileo] + ADT Plugin Configure------Click Here To Download 
  3. Android SDK ------Click Here To Download
How to Install the Android SDK and Eclipse?

 It is too easy to Install the Android SDK And Eclipse. First of All Download the file as given above links. I will let you know on further post.

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